In 2009, Emmanuel Mathieu competed for the demo madness during the Microsoft techdays and Mediaslide is elected among the most innovative company of France.
Due to his experience and collaboration with several model agencies, Emmanuel created in 2012 a new booking & scouting Software accessible on the cloud anytime-anywhere.

Mediaslide help model agencies worldwide increase their business performance through social collaboration.

Mediaslide is a Microsoft partner “Software As A Service” dedicated to model agencies whose data are safely and securely hosted on the cloud.

Why Mediaslide ?

It’s an easy way to get your agency booking and scouting system organized all in one.

By creating files of your models and your clients you will be able to organise their pictures, videos and documents on our servers and to receive notifications about alarms or notes you have created.
Our system is an innovative and collaborative tool allowing you to share and manage information and projects about your models, your clients & your trips with your fellow workers over the Internet in just one click.
Every change you make is automatically saved and back up in real time on our servers. It can be.accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.

Mediaslide offer a new way of working together, more open and more collaborative, its features let its users being notified on actions done, comment on tasks and share documents within their organization.

You will reduce your IT support costs by outsourcing your hardware and software maintenance and support to us.

Take advantage of the first groundbreaking powerful database solution that makes organizing, accessing, and sharing information of your models and clients easier than ever.

It's the ideal model agency software to use:

* Make your online database of models & clients linked with your agenda.
* Store & access pictures-videos- documents of your models & clients on the cloud. Mediaslide use SSL Connection (bank level).
* Sharing information about your models, your clients & your trips with your colleagues is now easy with the task & notification system
* Organise your trips easily & never miss a chance to meet your contacts when you travel abroad.
* Keep track of the scouting/placement & commissions of your models.
* Connect and work with any device from internet (PC, MAC, Ipad, Iphone, Android)
* Set alarms and reminders on your files & your calendar
* Send packages to your contacts & get statistics of view and opening of your packages
* Use the advanced search tool to find accurate information
* Communicate faster and easier with your co-workers & partners with the instant chat messages & video conference
* Create & send to your clients your Newsletters
* Connect your website with Mediaslide with our API

it's that easy.